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History of Churchill County

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Churchill County is located in west central Nevada and encompasses close to 4,900 square miles. Fallon, the county seat, is located in the west central part of the county at the junction of Highways 50 and 95. Interstate 80 traverses Churchill County along its northern edge. Just over 90 percent of the Churchill County population is located in the Fallon urban area. One of the primary agricultural regions in the state, the Fallon area is also home to Fallon Naval Air Station (NAS Fallon). NAS Fallon is the primary training facility for the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Fighter Weapons School.

Fallon Thunderbolts II

Fallon Navel Air Station - Thunderbolts II

Fallon from the air

Fallon from the air shows large expanses of farm land.

Located in the Carson desert, mountainous areas are present to the east, northwest, and southwest. Several lakes and sensitive wetland areas are scattered throughout the county near Fallon. Fallon Naval Air Station is located just a few miles to the southeast of Fallon, while the Fallon Indian Reservation lies about 7 miles east of the city. The Stillwater national Wildlife Refuge lies to the northeast. Churchill County map.

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