Yucca Mountain tunnel south portal at night

Affected Units of Local Government (AULG)

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act as amended (NWPA), designated the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada as the only site to be considered for a geologic repository for disposal of spent fuel and high-level nuclear waste. The NWPA also provided for "affected units of local government" (AULGs) within the vicinity of Yucca Mountain to oversee and participate in the Yucca Mountain Project. By affording AULG participation rights, Congress sought to increase public confidence in the scientific integrity of the repository program, provide citizens the means to interact with the federal government, and demonstrate a commitment to external oversight.

Nine counties in Nevada and one in California have been designated as affected counties as well as the Timbasha Shoshone Tribe. These counties and tribe are eligible under the NWPA to receive financial assistance for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Monitoring DOE activities
  • Assessing impacts of site characterization and repository development
  • Making recommendations to the Secretary of Energy
  • Developing claims for impact mitigation and/or compensation assistance
  • Keeping county residents informed of project activities and issues

Counties of Nevada and California with "Affected" Status

Indian Tribes